KRAK Shutters is a leading manufacturer of fully wooden shutters on the Polish market. We have been manufacturing shutters and delivering them to our distributors for many years. Our production facility is located in Tenczynek near Cracow. We take care of the entire production process, we make them from beginning to end by hand. It is a fully Polish product of the highest quality, not imported from China as in the case of competition. Made from 100% exotic wood, 0% MDF. We operate in Poland and Europe. Become our distributor – please contact us. We invite retail customers to ShuttersATELIERâ„¢


Shutters give a truly modern look to any home. Therefore, if you dream about opening shutters slats that will provide unique fun with natural sunlight, give a different dimension to each of your mornings, Shutters are a product for you. Shutters, in addition to the decorative function, are also a practical choice for windows. Adjustable slats give convenient control over the light, at the same time create a unique atmosphere, are also a guarantee of privacy, and also contribute to reducing heat loss through windows in the winter months.